External Readers

The CS TimeClocks 3120, 3350 and 3370 parent and child clocks have internal connectors for external readers. You can connect one external reader in addition to the built-in readers, or up to three external readers on the parent clocks if you disable the built-in readers.

External proximity only and keyprox (a combination of keypad and proximity) readers are available in various shapes and sizes.



Proximity only readers are available as loose "boxed" readers or as "light-switch" readers which can be mounted inside a 2" x 4" empty light switch box.

These readers are not waterproof and must be mounted with 1.5m of the clock.

External Proximity Readers


The keyprox reader combines the keypad reader and the proximity reader into one.

This reader is not waterproof and must be mounted within 1.5m of the clock.

The External Keyprox Reader


The external fingerprint readers are available for use with the Mark 2 range of CS TimeClocks.

Up to two external fingerprint readers can be connected to a proximity clock (3210 and the 3350 models) and one external fingerprint reader to a fingerprint clock (3370 model).

There are three types of external fingerprint readers:

A fingerprint only reader used for fingerprint identification.

External Fingerprint Reader (ID Only)

A fingerprint/keypad combination reader used for identification and/or verification.

External FP Reader / Keypad Combo

A fingerprint/proximity combination reader used for identification and/or verification.

External Fingerprint Reader / Prox Combo

The fingerprint only and fingerprint/proximity combination readers are available in a water resistant (not waterproof) version.

The readers are connected to the clocks using an IP-68 connector from the bottom of the reader or from the back of the reader. Please request the position of the connector when placing your order.

Watch a video on connecting external readers to a CS TimeClock.