Mark 3 Firmware


Download Release 3.01h for the Mark 3 CS TimeClock
USB Firmware Update Instructions (text file)

Important:  Please backup your clock database before doing a firmware update!

Version History


Version 3.01h - 10 April 2017
  • When a Supervisor is set to “fingerprint required” supervisor tasks will only proceed with the placement of the supervisors fingerprint.
  • Updated Bundy script for Tribune turnstar half-turn turnstile.
  • Update script will adjust safe-message for portable clocks.
  • Fixed Update Employee Access Right when setting ‘Payroll clockings’ to NO.
  • Updated download.php to, if the language is Danish, export data from the Send To according to the "Show Hours in Decimal" setting and not the csvdecimal field in thisdev.
  • Added Holtek reader support to web interface.
  • Additional Bundy commands for controlling external LEDs on Lumidigm external readers.
  • Improved the USB Syncing.
  • Fixed FP syncing issue when enrolling on a clock with 2 Lumidigm readers.
  • Replicate bug fix affecting domain names.