Having three remote businesses that are manged from a Head Office we are finding the CS TimeClock a great tool to manage wages.  Not only can we see who is clocked In/Out but our General Managers know we are monitoring and it is causing them to watch their wages very closely.

With our old system it was too easy for employees who did not clock In/Out to have the General Manager make an adjustment on-site.  We now require the employee to email Head Office if they have forgotten to clock In/Out.  It is amazing how the employees have taken to the clock as we have hardly had any employee forget since implementing the CS time clock whereas prior we had multiple no clocks in/outs per day.

What do you like most about CS TimeClock? The ability to log in on any web browser and see who is in/out and the ease of setting up a new employee or amending details.

Trevor Sidley
Monkey Mania


CS TimeClock has saved time for Payroll and Management, especially since payroll is processed at a different location to where the time clock is. As it is used in a retail shop, it has also allowed us to more accurately determine if staff are working too long or if too many people are rostered on at the same time, which has saved us money.

CS TimeClock has enabled us to accurately track employees' start and finish times. We were having many problems with employees not writing their times down.

The Feature I like the most is being able to login to the time clock via its web interface to download the times.

Anthony Fortuna
FRF Couriers
Tempe NSW

The setup and the update of employee information was so easy I did not even go for training. The support and assistance from CapeSoft was from the highest order. The system saves time and it has improved the accuracy and efficiency with time & attendance. The availability online offers instant access to all information regarding the time keeping and attendance, even for the employees. The reports offer all the information which can be sent to a spreadsheet in Excel and be manipulated as per your needs.

Since the change I haven’t had any doubts. I will highly recommend the system to any other company who needs a change in time and attendance.

Karen Karsten
Robberg Fisheries
South Africa

This is the definition of responsiveness to a client. Thank you! The Capesoft reputation as “best in the business” is certainly deserved.

John Scott

Newbies, if you are hesitating, you can trust Capesoft and their products.

Kelvin Chua